Company Profile

Vehicle Knight – A Dedicated Supplier of GPS Trackers


Within the short span of around six years after since our establishment in September 2011, Vehicle Knight has achieved a unique status amongst leading suppliers of products in GPS Tracking Systems global market segment. Entering the business with basic tracking devices, Vehicle Knight soon took a big share of the market by introducing originally developed advanced tracking systems. Devices that connected and controlled through internet. However, the company envisioned the market potential and ever increasing the customer’s demand has further expanded its product list by including devices such as: asset tracking, trucking and towing tracking systems to stay ahead of the competition.

As always, Vehicle Knight will continue to develop advanced products and provide quality service all its customers. Our team of developers and engineers works closely with customers and partners to meet the ever-changing market needs.

What We Can Do:

Vehicle Tracking
Personal Tracking
Fleet Tracking
Asset Tracking
Trucking and Plant Tracking

Professional GPS Tracker Manufacturer