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Experts Of Our Company

Working in Multicultural Environment, globalization has brought our work environment many advantages as well as challenges.

A winning team is not the fastest member, but the ability of a well-coordinated team, different cultures may lead to new business opportunities as every team member brings a different point of view. The company’s success is directly related to our employee’s success.

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Patric Dong-General Manager

Mr.Dong is qualified as a GPS Tracker R&D/Project Manager. He has got over 20 years of experience in the field of GPS Tracker.


Michael Tang –Project Manager

Mr.Tang has been involved and gained extensive experience in the GPS Tracker industry for 20 years.


Andrew Zhou-Platform Director

Mr.Zhou has more than 8 years of experience on platform support. He has responsibility for all platform issues.


Bobby Fu-Sales Manager

Mr.FuWith almost 8 years of sales experience in GPS Tracker industry. He well familiar with all kinds of GPS products.


Hannah Li -Sales Manager

Mr Li joint our company more than 6 years, he can give you best products with best solution.


Andrew Zhang-Sales Manager

Mr Zhang has 6 years of marketing experience in GPS Tracker industry, always can give you suitable solutions for your requests.


Emma Yao-Transportation Services Director

Miss Yao with more than 5 years of international ocean shipping experience, she always could arrange fast shipment for every order.


Kenrick Zhou-Technical Support Manager

Mr Zhou has more than 8 years of GPS Tracker industry experience, all technical problems always can fix in half day time.