About Vehicle Knight GPS

Vehicle Knight is an industry leader in innovative and superior Global Positioning Systems (GPS) products and integrated tracking solutions. With an extensive product range covering from simple GPS peripherals to the latest technology in the vehicle and personal tracking solutions, Vehicle Knight delivers unsurpassed products at competitive prices and premier after- sales service.

Why Choose Vehicleknight GPS?

  • Original Factory offer OEM&ODM service.
  • Rich Experience more than 6 years R&D experience.
  • Professional Team quick response 24 hours technical support.

GPS TRACKING Services & Benefits

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Deliver Better Service

Find the closest vehicles to your customer location. Also helping you improve productivity will result in a faster response.

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Improve Fleet Performance

Quickly identify the closest vehicle to your customer’s location. Monitor your drivers and make sure they are performing how they are supposed to.

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Increase Driver Safety

By monitoring speed limits and driving behaviors you will keep your drivers and employees on a safe road.

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Reduce Vehicle Fuel Costs

By monitoring speed, idling, and other fuel consumption activities; You will be able to keep control and only spend the necessary…


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GPS satellites track tracking device
installed in vehicle 24/7
Continuous data transfer
when in network range
Data transferred and
stored on server
User view activity of vehicles
via internet

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What our Customers are Saying

  • Tracking our trucks with GPS from Vehicle Knight gives our customers and us a real professional feeling when we’re able to look at our computer screen and tell the customer that we can see the truck and it is just a few km’s away and will be there in just a few more minutes.

    Francois/BrockBrand Industrial Solutions
  • When our tradesman’s van with all his tools got stolen last month, our first thought was to look at our GPS tracking on our computer and there it was!  We sent around one of our workers (a scary looking guy), and we had our van back within three hours of it going missing.  The thieves had already started dismantling it even in that short time.  We got our tools back, and with a small repair, our van is as good as new.

    Roland/U.S. Concrete Const. LLC

Application of   GPS Tracker

Vehicle Knight Tracking System uses both cellular and satellite networks to track vehicles and assets depending on your location, the type of asset, and your specific needs.

Fleet Management

Fleet tracking technology provides live GPS capability that enables up to minute-by-minute information regarding your fleet’s vehicles This in turn helps in better management by reducing operating cost and delivering.

Asset & Equipment Tracking

Our asset track units are perfect for any piece of equipment The unit can be used not only to track location for business but also to retrieve a theft. And keeping your assets safe and secure from being stolen and lost.

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Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle tracking system delivers the real-time location of every vehicle in the fleet. and provides instant access to important vehicle information and driving behavior information such as speeding or harsh breaking.

GPS Tracking Systems Products Suppliers

Motorcycle Tracking

The motorcycle tracker is an anti-theft device which helps in protecting your bike from getting stolen or misplaced. With motorcycle tracking solution, monitor and get 24/7 comprehensive protection to two-wheelers.

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