Wired Antitheft GPS Tracking Device Locator 

Wired Antitheft GPS Tracking Device Locator is a powerful and stable Vehicle Tracking Device. It can achieve continuous accurate positioning, real-time tracking, track playback, electric fence, data statistics and other functions. And with a variety of alarm, including power failure alarm, low power alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, speedup alarm, fence alarm. It can be used in GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles, vehicle location query / real-time monitoring/time tracking, all kinds of vehicle command and dispatch system.


Wired Antitheft GPS Tracking Device Locator 

 U-blox 7 High-Performance Chipset|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking System U-BLOX 7 High-Performance Chip                                      GPS+LBS+WIFI Positioning|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking SystemGPS+LBS+WIFI Positioning

Adopted U-BLOX 7 high-performance chipset highly                              GPS mainly use for outdoor positioning, LBS/WIFI for   

raised the accuracy of positioning                                                                 indoor positioning    

Wide Input Voltage|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking System Wide Input Voltage                                                                      Multiple Alarms|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking SystemMultiple Alarms

With working voltage ranging from 6-45V could work                            Shock alarm, move alarm, geofence alarm, over speed  

both car and truck                                                                                            alarm, power off alarm                    

Remote cut-off(petrol/power)|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking System Remote cut-off(petrol/power)                                                ACC detection for Ignition Status|Vehicleknight GPS Tracking SystemACC detection for Ignition Status

Compel the vehicle to stop by remote breaking off the                            Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need

fuel connection 

Application of GPS Tracking Device Locator

BD02 Anti Theft GPS Vehicle Car Tracker


GSM Specificaion
Communication System: GSM
GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS: Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS Specificaion
GPS Chip: MTK3336
Channel: 66
Location Accuracy: <10meters
Tracking Sensitivity: -163dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity: -148dBm
GPS Location time: Cold Start<29s(open sky)Hot Start<1s(open sky)
Product Specificaion
 GSM/GPS antenna:  Built-in quad band GSM antenna, GPS ceramic antenna
LED Indicator: GSM-Red, GPRS-Green, GPS-Blue
Work Voltage:  DC6-45V
Work Current:  6mA
Standby Current: ≤3.5mA
Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~+70 ℃
Built-in Battery: 600mAh/3.7V  Industrial grade lithium polymer battery
Device Dimension: 39.5(W)*80.5(L)*12(H)mm
Device Weight: 190g



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