Three Essential Features of GPS Tracking System

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Most of your organizations spend a massive amount of money in managing transportation. Every day you meet with unexpected incidents which highlight the importance of safe transportation for your employees. With the introduction of GPS vehicle tracking device, you can keep an eye on your employees during transit.

GPS plays a vital role in fleet management. The benefits offered by GPS tracking are numerous and priceless to any fleet owner. As a manager, you can have better access and control to your entire fleet. Delivery companies also enjoy multiple benefits through the installation of GPS devices in their company vehicles.

The three essential features of GPS tracking system are as follows:

Effective GPS Monitoring

You can install GPS trackers in the fleet, which is a part of GPS tracking system and can be accessed via apps by various users. With this, you will get complete visibility of employee and fleet movement. Also, your company can monitor whether drivers are following optimal and safe routes to pick up or drop employees.

You can also receive alerts and take appropriate action in situations where drivers unintentionally unplug GPS tracker. GPS Tracking System will help you to have complete control over the system.

Schools are also making use of GPS tracking system for improving student safety. Parents and school authorities can use it for checking the real-time location, expected arrival time of the bus, get a warning if the bus comes late, etc.

Intelligent Routing

Usually, there exists a supervisor in your company who allows cabs to employees on the first-come-first-serve basis. These can lead to increased expenses, increased waiting time, travel time, and underutilization of booths. The issue can solve by using an automated routing algorithm, which automates the process of allocating cabs to the most efficient, optimum and safe route.

With intelligent routing, several other details can be taken care of; including avoiding women employees to be the last drop-off or the first pick up. In addition to this, drivers are not provided with your contact number to avoid unnecessarily or harassing phone calls or messages.

You can ensure informational anonymity by using a centralized server which can be used by drivers as well as employees. It is not wise for you to rely only on transport providers for assuring safe transport of employees.

An automated transportation management system helps your organization in implementing and managing transportation for your employees.

Excellent Emergency Response System

You should provide a single-click solution to the employees for getting help or accessing more information about the nearest company vehicles, hospitals, police station, etc. Hence, transport manager should instantly dispatch the requirement of employees.

For delivering swift assistance, you can send automated alerts to the nearby employees and vehicles. Each of these movements should track, and emergency response team should be ready for action to handle unexpected incidents.

Above forms the three essential feature that every GPS tracking system should possess. All the mentioned features help to increase productivity, improve monitoring, efficiently plan routes and bus schedules and instantly react to emergency situations.

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